Te Totara Primary School Visit

August 15, 2014
By: Paul Martin

had a great afternoon at Te Totara Primary School. It was Graphic Novel week for their school and it was a great opportunity to talk about Kory and the process of creating my book ' Flight of the Kiwi'. I spoke to a group of year 5-6 classes and they asked some great questions. I saw some future writers and illustrators amongst the audience.

"The book had a great theme - kiwi characters on a quest using their kiwi ingenuity to solve the problem. There are phrases and concepts in the book that the students can relate to e.g. friends working together, kiwi lifestyle, the rare kiwi species, words like 'taonga', mate, and onomatopoeia like "kawham" etc. My more able readers enjoyed reading this book and spent some time going over the storyline and discussed the illustrations used; there are some really intricate details in the content and the illustrations are very effective. The students got a lot from the interview and realised it takes a lot of planning to write and illustrate a book".
Helena Kirkham, Team Leader
Te Totara Primary School, Hamilton

Kory - Flight of the Kiwi - Te Totara Primary School Visit

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